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Any sports fan with a pulse knows the 2022 Masters starts in exactly two weeks (Insert Jim Nantz saying, “It’s a RITE OF SPRING!”) so it’s not like we needed a new hype video to get us geared up for the world’s best golfers taking on Augusta National. But that’s exactly what we got on Thursday. And we’re not complaining.

There have been some great ones created by the storied club, which gives its A+ effort on every project from the creation of the new media center/castle in 2017 to the implementation of a new craft beer last year. But this might be the best hype video in the history of Masters hype videos—and it certainly checks all the boxes of the Masters hype video genre:

Dramatic music? Yep.

Cool archival footage? Yep.

Cool archival footage of BOBBY JONES? Yep.

A closeup of a green jacket being stitched? Yep.

Amazing highlights? Yep.

More dramatic music? Yep.

OK, see for yourself:


So good. Oh, we forgot to mention some fantastic (and yes, over-the-top) narrated lines as well. Like:

It’s church, but with cheering—and pimento cheese sandwiches.

Green is more valuable than gold.

This isn’t golf, it’s the Masters. And you’re invited.

That is, if you happen to have one of the badges that are tougher to come by than Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. Anyway, well done, Augusta National. That video goes down even smoother than that tasty craft beer.