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In order to keep the 1st tee on time, and everyone’s tee times as scheduled, if you are within 10 minutes of your scheduled tee time, you will not be sold any range balls as you are expected to be at the first tee (15 minutes if on back range tee).

Players are expected to be at the 1st tee at least 5 – 10 minutes prior to their start time to check in with starter. Please plan on arriving early enough to give yourself ample time to warm up.  Players behind you deserve the same as you and should be able to tee off on time.


With all of the bunkers and the way they were designed into the middle of slopes and at the base of hills, we are constantly trying to keep them maintained.  An almost impossible task.  We have come up with a solution to alleviate any misfortune for landing in a washed out area or even a left behind foot print.  Our Local Rule is to play the bottom of the bunker.  For any ball that is plugged in the face or in a washout or even a footprint left behind, rake or smooth an area no nearer the hole and place the ball.