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TopTracer Range Update: FINALLY!

After over 5 months of waiting for permit approvals, Construction has finally been approved to begin.  Thank you to all of our members, friends, and customers for your patience.  We will be updating progress on the project on our Facebook page. 


What is a TopTracer Range?

 A TopTracer Range is a cutting-edge golf technology system designed to enhance the driving range experience for golfers of all skill levels. Developed by TopGolf, TopTracer uses advanced camera and tracking technology to provide real-time data and insights on golf shots.

Here are some key features and aspects of TopTracer Range:

1. Shot Tracking: TopTracer tracks the flight path of each shot, providing detailed information such as distance, speed, launch angle, height, and curvature.

2. Interactive Screens: Each hitting bay is equipped with an interactive touch screen where golfers can view their shot data and access various game modes and features.

3. Game Modes and Challenges: TopTracer offers several game modes and challenges, such as virtual golf on famous courses, longest drive competitions, and precision shot  challenges, making practice sessions more engaging and fun.

4. Virtual Golf Courses: Golfers can virtually play on world-renowned golf courses, experiencing realistic gameplay and course conditions without leaving the driving range.

5. Practice and Improvement: Golfers can analyze their shots in detail, track their progress over time, and identify areas for improvement, making it a valuable tool for both casual players and serious golfers.

6. Social and Competitive Play: TopTracer Range allows for social and competitive play, enabling friends and family to compete against each other in various games and challenges.

7. Accessible to All Levels: The system is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

8. Data Storage and Analysis: Golfers can create personal profiles to save their shot data and track their performance over multiple sessions. This feature helps in analyzing long-term improvement and consistency.

TopTracer Range transforms traditional driving ranges into high-tech practice facilities, making golf practice more enjoyable and productive. It’s widely used at golf courses, driving ranges, and entertainment venues around the world and we look forward to bringing that entertainment venue offering here to residents and visitors of Lake County, Fl.