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PGA Tour players are better golfers than we are. That’s the hard truth. They also have access to custom, one-off equipment that most of us retail buyers don’t necessarily have access to, or the budget to buy.

Realistically, though, most amateur golfers wouldn’t even benefit from using the same exact clubs that PGA Tour players use. They swing fast and consistently, so they often play with unforgiving club heads equipped with super stiff shafts. Some of their clubs just look so cool, though!

PGA Tour players’ clubs have always been the envy of golf equipment aficionados, but the question is, which Tour player has the most enviable setup?

That question was recently posed during a Q&A episode of GOLF’s gear-focused Fully Equipped podcast: “If you could trade golf clubs with one PGA Tour player, who would it be?”

As co-host Kris McCormack rebutted, “I’m not fast enough to play any set configuration that’s out on Tour,” which is a fair point. Most golfers would benefit from using more forgiving options with softer shaft flexes, but hey, it’s a fun hypothetical rather than a realistic offer.

The most financially sound answer, of course, would be Tiger Woods. After all, he does have a putter that’s likely worth millions of dollars, but that’s a little too obvious. Find all the eclectic answers from the Fully Equipped co-hosts at

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