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So we survived Irma’s best and open for play. Just come out and we’ll get you on the course. Don’t call because we have no phones!!! Time to release some of that cabin fever. I played the course yesterday and it is in good shape.(a few leaves to negotiate and damp bunkers- so try to not go in them!!!!) . Come and have some fun!

Imagine you are in the lead of a tournament coming to the last green, even if the other player birdies the hole you will win as long as you make par.

Now imagine your competitor drains his second shot from 100 yards out.

That is what happened on the tour last weekend. After draining the shot on the final hole for eagle, he proceeded to win the playoff!

Come and Enjoy the fun this week ; Golf and Lunch after 10.00am is only $36+tax. The course is in great shape. Are you ready to “Dare the Bear”. Our new season merchandise is in too so come and stock up while stocks last!!

We are looking forward to seeing you here!

The Black Bear Team

Another week on the PGA tour and another round in the 50s!

The golf world has to wonder, is it the golf ball, the players or is it simply club technology?


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